Here comes the List of all my Friends in the Music scene:

Seán Odhrán

Seán Odhrán Ciarán "Seán Odhrán" Hopkins is one of my oldest friends in the music world
He was on the same high school as I was and I noticed that he was also somebody who wanted to create his own music and I passed on a version of "Fast Tracker" that I also used at that time. We also did some very nice projects together.
But when high school was over we did not see each other for a long time till recently when we crossed each others path again
I am currently working on A remix of one of his currently tracks. So Keep an Eye on the Music Page

Dj Jumix

Dj Jumix Gerrie van der Steen is one of the friends who I did meet at my old job.
He wanted to start with beat mixing and actually I was one of the people he knew who was currently doing that so we hooked up together
Most of the Club's I visited was together with him and we spinned the record's together a lot of times
nowadays I went more to the music production side of music while he is still spinning his records "Loud And Proud". If you ever see his name in a lineup I advice to go and see his excellent Dj Set !!!


P1N0 Watch out because this bigbird has got some dope lyrics !!!
Pim Haarbosch is A friend I met when I was going to party's
He wanted to make some hiphop music and put his own lyrics onto it and we actually recorded a few tracks. One day he brought a friend with him who also was into hiphop and we made a few tracks and With one of these tracks P1N0 entered A Contest and won a spot On A CD Release. Before this track Got on the CD we only had a short demo version
the full version was Recorded Remixed and mastered at FirstTakeMusic By Arjan van Tricht

Robin van Rijn

Robin van Rijn I Met Robin van Rijn while going to some clubs
He told me that hey played keys an was at that time in a Band Called T.E.P.
He was able to make some nice and brilliant tunes
When I showed him what I was able to do he was impressed
and he played some tunes to use in the productions

Bryan Vano

Bryan Vano Brian Kievit is one of those friends who got me back to the Wheels of steel
He Needed some gear to Play at 'Outflow' and I just had what he needed
He also invited me to DJ there a number of times and we started some Productions together
Now a days his style is aimed at more Electro Urban music
However he is still able to add his own shakeable flavor to it !!!