So Here is a Bit More Information About me

How it all started

Niels Huijgens was born in 1982. He always liked Electronic Dance Music. In the Early 90's House music became a big hype and he picked up to mix as a DJ. Later on Rave and Hardcore became his style he actually loved the 'raving' elements of the music and people started calling him the Dj From the Rave Mix witch later Became Dj Ravix.

Enter the world of production

He also started to make his own music and made some friends who also preformed as Dj's and produced music. The first tracks were made with a MS-DOS based music production program called Fast-Tracker after that he moved on to more Windows based software like Magik Music Maker and Ejay however those programs had better quality they seem to be more limited in use compared to Fast-Tracker

Back behind the wheels of steel

Later he has moved on to Trance and started to take his Dj stuff more seriously again. After that Jump and Hardstyle brought him back to the rougher styles he used to play.
After 2007 he started to take producing more serious and slowly started to make A more professional Studio to produce his music.

Going Pro With Audio Software

While working With Various Software in the past he stumbled Across Steinberg's Cubase. and he liked using it so this has been his main DAW software package since then
This and a lot of Hardware and Software have brought his production skills to where it is today