Welcome to my official website

So it has been a while since I last updated my website.
After noticing that my old website was not working because of A missing database.
Unfortunatly that was complete database of information that was needed for that site to work.
My hosting provider seem to have moved to a new server location and moved over all content accept they somehow mised the Database that made my website run.

So time for something new, something that still looks like the website I Used to have but with a lot of improvements.
There were a lot of people asking about the background image that I used to have
Classic Background ImageThis one ?
yes I still have it !
And I did like it myself
infact so mutch that I used the same idea to create this new website.
Some people did not know what it actually is
And what is the idea and meaning behind it ?
Who knows maybe I will let you all know one day
but till that day just keep looking at that image and listen to my Music
And I am pretty confident that you can see and hear it !!!